Pool Maintenance & Repairs

A swimming pool is a great amenity for any home. Not only are they fabulous for resale value, but it will make your home the hot spot for parties and social events. In order to protect your investment, however, it is important that it remains clean and well maintained. As your reliable pool service provider, we can make sure that your pool is sparkling clean and beautiful all year round for you and your guests!

At Mark's Pools, we offer quality swimming pool maintenance as well as pool repairs for the residents of Claremont, CA and the surrounding area. Whether you need pool cleaning, pool tile maintenance or swimming pool repair, we can set up a service appointment at your convenience. All of our services and equipment are eco friendly, and we also provide services for both commercial and residential pools.

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Pool Tile

Pool maintenance is very important if you own your own pool. This includes both residential pools and commercial pools. If you don’t properly take care of it, parts of it can produce rust and then wear down.

At Mark's Pools, we offer excellent swimming pool tile maintenance services. Regular pool cleaning routines can make sure they will last a long time and provide fun for your family and friends. In addition, we can also inspect the pump so you can avoid costly pool repairs. For whatever pool needs you have, trust Mark's Pools to deliver prompt, quality and reliable pool service.

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Pool Plastering & Resurfacing

When you have a swimming pool, it is important to protect your investment by keeping up with regular swimming pool plastering or swimming pool resurfacing. In order to do this, you will need a reliable swimming pool service provider like Mark's Pools.

We will conduct a full evaluation on the entire structure of your pool. The plaster must be ground down to determine whether there is a surface crack or structural damage. We will then fill the cracks with epoxy and add new plaster and pool tile as necessary.

Pool plastering and resurfacing are just some of the many pool maintenance services that we offer. If you wish to learn more, all you need to do is call us.

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